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Refresher Driving Lessons are great if you learned to drive many years ago and haven’t driven much since. Our refresher driving lessons are a short effective course of driving lessons aimed at full driving license holders wanting to improve their driving skills. Topics covered on your refresher driving lessons include your requested problem or situation. In addition we can assess your overall driving performance and offer effective remedial advice include city center driving, motorway driving, driving at night, reversing and more. Your refresher driving lessons can be taken at a pace to suit you. You can take as many or as little refresher driving lessons as you need as the driving course has no fixed amount of lessons.

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Looking to Brushing Up Your Driving Skills?

At 24DL, our refresher courses cover a wide range of driving situations. Bespoke courses are designed to provide help and support to drivers:

  • Wishing to improve existing skills, or indeed to learn new driving techniques, with a view to saving money by reducing motoring costs
  • Want to overcome a motoring fear such as motorway driving, driving at night, driving in poor weather conditions
  • Who experience changes to their personal circumstances, placing additional reliance on traveling by car

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